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 In our salon Nitya Beauty & Hair Express, we take every opportunity to make each client our first priority giving them best quality care using finest products for their treatment needs with utmost experienced, professional and trained staffs. We are more than happy to modify our treatments to meet client’s needs. We try our best for clients to have experience leaving them positive, reinvigorated and  relaxed.
Please feel free to consult your treatment needs and we can work on it. We can modify our treatment techniques to suit your needs but after treatment is completely done, we won’t be able to offer refund.. Therefore, during consultation process before treatment you please inform us any modification you want us to do before we start the treatment. If you have a particular skin or hair concern that you would like us to address during your treatment session, please let us know beforehand. We are happy to talk to you through the procedures and answer questions that arise at any time.
Our beauty treatments range from threading, eyelash tint and extensions, waxing, facial, massage, manicure and pedicure.
 Our hair treatments range from children and ladies haircut, wash and blow dry, hair colouring and mask, other treatments like Keratin and permanent straightening.
 If you are new to any treatment or you have any allergy to any product, why not book a consultation and patch test. This will help us to advise you on the best treatment options for your beauty or hair need.

We use:
- Strictly professional, KAESO and LOTUS facial products.
- NOV MAX Keratin products for hair.
- Homemade hair oil and herbal mask for hair massage and hair treatments. (especially to treat dandruff and hairfall).

Staff at Welling:
 Pushpa - Bindu- Pabi

Staff at Woolwich:
Sarala- Pushpa- Mamta


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Nitya Beauty & Hair Express, the best beauty salon in London.

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